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Company and Product Details

Ordertake® is a product crafted with passion by ©PTL Ltd. We deliver solutions that are highly connected, scalable and robust. Our clients have high expectations, and we are eager to deliver. We create web and mobile applications, back-office solutions, integration and middleware solutions, as well as low-level integrations services that help companies everywhere do better business and scale their operations with ease. Many of these solutions adopt cloud architectures, service-oriented architectures and microservices. Our clients also benefit from a portfolio of products offered in-house.

We implement best practice and find the best methodology as a matter of course, delivering high-quality architected products and solutions to give you efficiency and peace of mind. We have developed workflows that assure the best results, a development process that takes us from inception through to all the phases, which are built to ensure a sound architecture. Quality assurance is crucial to our clients and us. We perform unit testing, UI testing, code reviews, and all the essentials are engrained in our process, based on Agile solution delivery.