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Why Ordertake?

Use Ordertake to leverage your customer information and customize your promotions, creating opportunities to cross-sell and increase profit margins. With personalized discounts defined by you, sales volumes can be increased with the click of a button. Having your client’s entire order entry and history in your hands means that will know immediately which products and services to offer , without spending hours digging through files!

Time is money, and manual order entry is slow and expensive. With this app you can eliminate the costs of paper catalogues and handwritten order sheets. You’ll save money on both the materials and the labor involved in the manual order entry process.

With Ordertake, customers will experience a new level of convenience and satisfaction and sales reps will enjoy an upgraded professional image. While your competition may still be fumbling around with slow, manual orders, your brand will benefit from being ahead of the curve. This will lead to more orders and even better exposure to new customers.

Access to inventory information will allow you to make the right decisions ensuring that you won’t accept orders that cannot be fulfilled. Order entry from the app is automatically transmitted to your ERP, giving you more time to focus on selling your products.

Your customer is the most important part of your business, and with our focus on customer success, you’ll be sure to enjoy increased sales volumes and more efficient business practices.

With the ease of use of Ordertake, reps can better focus their efforts on visiting new and existing clients making more sales. With your full product catalogue on hand, the app can be used to provide more up-do-date and accurate presentations. Available for the iPad, you can decide exactly which kind of data you want to present. A perfect application for sales representative!

Every customer profile is accessible right there on your device. No more fumbling through folders and file cabinets. Simply search for your customer or industry and you will have all the information you’ll ever need – past orders, favorite products, total revenue, and any other relevant info that can help you maximize profits. When sales reps don’t have to spend half their day digging through old information and looking up relevant data, they can be more confident in their ability to sell, leading to increased profits and a happier work force. This uniquely crafted application for sales representative will bring everything at your fingertips!

B2B Ordering Application to Improve Your Sales

Help Your Team to Fulfill Goals

Focus on business development by up-selling current customers and getting out in the field to bring on new potential clients. With client and order information a t your fingertips, use time more efficiently and focus on maximizing profits rather than order entry and data analysis.

Save Costs

Improve delivery times for your customer and give yourself another leg up on the competition in that department. Customers enjoy reliable service and delivery.

GDPR Compliant

Ordertake is a fully GDPR compliant software. The solution makes use of the federated identity single sign on concept whereby no personal data is being persisted.

Enhance the Professional Image of Your Sales Reps

You want your sales team to have a professional, advanced, cutting-edge image in the industry. With our B2B ordering application, they will stand out from the crowd because of their ability to access vital information and relevant data that they can discuss in their meetings. Clients don’t like to waste time in meetings, and the professionalism and efficiency of your sales reps utilizing this B2B ordering system will be a major benefit for the overall image of your company. Customers appreciate error-free information and they like to know that their representative has their needs at the forefront.